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    We provide residential roof installation and roof replacement service in BRAMPTON, MISSISSAUGA, OakVILLE, MILTON, GEORGETOWN and the nearby cities.

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    Here are the services that we offer

    Roof replacement

    Transform the look of your property by getting a whole new roof this year.

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    Roof Repairs/ Maintenance

    No job is too small for us. We deal with even the smallest of the problems such as missing shingles,animal damages etc. 

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    Exhaust vent Installation

    Yes we love to install exhaust vents. We install so many of them that now we can install one while sleeping.

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    Ventilation issues

    Do not let that moisture ruin your beloved property. We specialize in getting to the root of the problem. 

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    Skylight Installation

    Lets make your house look like a palace. We install all types of skylights.

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    Custom flashings

    Roof looks dull without new wall flashings. We have the expertise and equipment to bend and install all kinds of custom flashings.

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    Lack of Insulation

    It is recommended to have a level of insulation between R50 to R60 inside the attic.  It translates to having  a thickness ranging from 15 inches to 22 inches…

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    Ideal time to install shingles is either spring or fall when it’s not too hot or not too cold. Shingles stick down well during those months. We start replacing the roofs as early as mid February and go on till the end of December. While we do not recommend installing shingles when temperatures are extreme such as below -10*C or above 40*C, anytime in between is good for getting the roof fixed.

    The most common type of roofs in the GTA are with 3 tab shingles. Their life span is typically between 12 to 17 years. If your roof is around 14 to 15 years old, it is about time to start thinking about replacing it. It is much better to get a new roof and fix the problem once and for all, instead of spending hundreds of dollars on roof repairs every year.

    We understand that sometimes it could be financially challenging to consider replacing the entire roof, especially when you have not planned for it in advance. We provide free inspections to guide you in making the best decision according to your needs.

    It is a very common phenomenon for one side of the roof to deteriorate before others. The reason behind this is the exposure to the sun and/or the structure of the roof. Some roofs are built in a way that there is snow built up during the winter months in certain areas, which causes those areas to deteriorate faster.

    While the common sense would be to save money and just get the damaged side done for now, but we absolutely do not recommend that. The cost to replace one side may be comparatively low but you end up spending a lot more money by the time you get the whole roof done in the next two to three years. Moreover, the older side would never have the same color as the newer one and it affects the overall appearance of your house.

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    • Vel

      Overall, They were very professional, responsive, on time and good value. I will definitely recommend their service.

    • Rajesh Desai

      Best, on time, professional - very reasonable price with great work

    • Bao Anh Ta Nguyen

      It was a good experience with the team and we highly recommend them. We have passed the contact to our neighbours who may need theirs to be replaced as well in 2-3 years.

    • Doug Stockton

      Real Blue was able to meet my request for an early installation even with Covid situation. Completed their exceptional installation and site clean up in one day. Excellent job! Everything looks really great! Many positivie comments from neighbours. Thanks

    • Faruq J Khan

      Mr Dill and his team demonstrated professional competence on our roof replacement. They were punctual, friendly and very organized. We are pleased with the final works. We would recommend this contractor for roof replacement, repairs etc